Taking care of your precious pieces

By Harkness 28th June 2018

Jewellery can occupy a quite unique place in our hearts, with sentimental value almost always exceeding the initial investment.   But day-to-day care doesn’t require a specialist, so follow our Top 5 Tips to help preserve the pieces that are precious to you.

Gems and precious metals can be hard wearing, but if you’re looking to take on the latest gardening or DIY task, make sure to remove any treasured pieces.

Store rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets separately to prevent unnecessary chatting.

Claws should fit tightly around every stone, so check regularly for small changes.  A stone can be replaced, but the sentiment can’t.

Even light knocks can offset the smallest sparkles; so if one suffers a bump, always check at the time.

Jewellery cleaning is always best done by a professional but for a gentle clean at home, we recommend warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush.   So indulge them in a quick dip to keep grime at bay, then sit back and watch them sparkle.